Slow to wake on a snow day

I would spend the day here in a heartbeat

I had to tear myself away from the warmth of my bed to go on air before the sun rose. I wasn't the only one who had problems this morning.
Bed head

We're spending the day wrapped in knits, layers, and other warm things and hoping to ward off cabin fever. Lest you think we're overdoing it, a three-story, 117-year-old house can be kind of drafty.

Christmas socks

And as become habit over the past month, we'll have hot chocolate with marshmallows to go along with the day's lessons. Speaking of which, Ewan is finishing up his K4 stuff and will be ready for Abeka's K5 curriculum after Christmas.

K4 work

I wasn't expecting to start so early with him but one of the reasons we chose to do this was so we could move along at their pace, when they are ready.

I have some hysterical letters to Santa to "mail" that the boys are currently writing. I'll share them tomorrow.

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