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A second before he threw that at Ewan's head Comforting Ewan after that last shot
As it's our first big snow of the year, we've (and by WE I mean THEY; I hate snow, cold, and wet) been outside for most of the past two days. Liam is a kind child but when he has a snowball in his hands he grows a set of horns, evidenced above. (He's telling his baby brother sorry in that second one.)


I look at Liam and think my word, he looks so much like his father. Had I not gone through a 13-hour labor, I'd believe that Chris underwent a quasi-mitosis while I was asleep and voila! A son!

The other day Liam played bingo in his Spanish class and he saw that his friend Emma was valiantly trying to hide her tears brought on by not winning a single game. He was apparently one piece away from winning but he walked over to her and quietly offered her one of his game pieces anyway and told her that it was okay, here, he hopes she wins this next round. He had no idea that his teachers were watching him with tears in their eyes; one of them stole away to tell me what he did as I sat with other moms watching our younger children play.

Stories like that are what stop me from tearing my hair out during the times he sasses me, balks at doing his history homework, or says that he likes that Green Day song on the radio, can I please turn it up?

I'm learning that parenting isn't about immediate results, it's about planting the seeds and watching what develops over time, especially those times when they're not under your supervision. Instead of water, patience and nurture help those seeds to grow and achieving the right balance is the ultimate trial of parenthood. Everyday I say a prayer and cross my finders that I'm up to it.     


it seems like you have planted some wonderful strong seeds. the story of liam made me cry. i hope my boys show some of the same qualities. maybe less of the sass. yeah,, right.

Hey Dana--I've been reading your blog for a few months, I never comment because I am incurably lazy but I love everything you're doing. The last paragraph of this post really speaks straight to my heart--I appreciated it so much so thanks!!!

That is so sweet!

Great kid you have. In the past, I'd have agreed with you about Liam looking exactly like his dad, but I gotta tell you; in this photo, I actually see alot of you in him! Now Ewan?? Not so much; he's still a Chris mini-me.

That's lovely. Its so heartwarming when people (no matter what age) put others first, I wish I and those around me - make that everyone could be the same 24/7. We can only endeavour to try! :) Love the blog btw!

I have a similar mitosis situation going on with my oldest. And I get asked about it all the time. "Did you have anything at all to do with this child?" Well, yes, actually. I got the heartburn, the stretch marks and the sleepless nights. He got the clone. Thanks for asking.

Before I read the text of your post, I noted the picture of Liam and thought, "wow, he's looking more and more like Dana instead of Chris these days." I agree with Karla above, though - Ewan is still totally a Chris clone.

I spent my entire school years underachieving so that I wouldn't get first in all the quizzes and wouldn't be seen as smarter than my peers. I know this comes across as raining on your sunshine, but as a chronic underachiever I'm just sharing my experience that it's a hard habit to break. I've learned - it sucks, but it's the truth - no one likes a smart girl.

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