Back to the grind in 2009

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coloring piano

We're getting back into our daily lesson routine after a two week break. Ewan, at his request, started his kindergarten curriculum today. It's a giant game to him; he wants to see how many games he can play and worksheets he can complete in one sitting and I'm all "Dude, that's not the point."

I always feel slightly depressed right around New Year's, mostly because that which I left unresolved in the previous year nags at me. I felt less like that this year because 2008 was a totally heinous year punctuated with bits of goodness. I happily plunged into 2009. I'm not one of those people who makes resolutions (I've an ever-evolving list of things I'd like to accomplish. I just try to not get overwhelmed and do my best each day. Aw. How very NBC "The More You Know" of me) but I jotted down a few to break with tradition:

- Refuse to tolerate people who are intolerable.
- Realize that it's OK to be cynical sometimes.
- Make my Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark last until February.
- Be selective about those I let into my life.
- Be unashamed about watching Rock of Love: the Tranny-Clown Trainwreck Tour Edition.
- Make my kids fold and put away their own clothes no matter how awful they are at it.
- Resist the urge to go through their drawers while they are outside playing to refold everything they just put away.
- Use desire, not obligation, as motivation.
- Drink my first bottle of Ski.

Thank you to everyone who contributed positivity this year, be it via comments, emails, show calls, friendship, etc. xo


Oh I like your list...i was a mean mom and we did not take a big school break, as it makes it tough to swing back into routine.

1. I must find out why this Peppermint Bark is so fascinating!

2. Ski is dangerous stuff. Though, necessary when you go to Beckemeyer, IL to play in a Euchre Tournament!

Hey Dana,

If you run into some Ski before I can send you some.. Make sure it's in the glass bottles and NOT the plastic.. It is sacrilege to drink Ski out of anything other than the classic green glass bottle! Just so you get your redneck etiquette right.. :)

You had a great 2008 and 2009 will be so fine!
..Look at me all rappin' and stuff...


Happy new year, my friend! I like your list and I, too, have an ever-evolving list of shit to work on, yo. And New Year's depresses me too, likely for the same reasons.


i just love you. you rock.

I heard a nasty rumour that Williams Sonoma is out of business now.

I'm so proud that Ski made the list. You won't be disappointed.
And, if you are, try going to Breese, IL and going to either Wally's or Dairy King and getting a Blueberry Ski. It's even better than the original.
Happy New Year and good luck with everything.

Happy New Year!! While there is much I would like to accomplish, I'm shooting for optimism instead of depression about both the previous and the upcoming years. I do hope this new one is a better year for everyone. Thank you for sharing your struggles and successes with us. I wish all the best for you and your family in 2009.

Bottled Ski, from Breese, is the best (they do field trips!).

Ski in aluminum cans is okay (I have one every morning as my caffiene infusion).

Stay away from the plastic bottled stuff though.

Let me know when you and Lisa B wanna make the pilgrimage and I'll try to meet you guys!

Awww! Happy New Year... I hope your year is full of Love and Joy !

So glad you mentioned Williams Sonoma....I am addicted to them. Everytime the magazine comes I lock myself in my room! Love them....

SKI in glass bottles - available in Waterloo, IL.

saw you had a Tumblr. What do you think of it? I think I like using it- it's easy and the pictorial archive is easy on brain.

We're back to a homeschooling routine as well after taking off 2 weeks for the holidays. Happy new year!

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