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Tomorrow morning the Quaker people (the company) are coming to my house as they are sponsoring an inaugural viewing party which I am hosting. Every time I say this people are all "WTF? You?" And I'm all "Oh, you think that because I'm of a different political persuasion it means I am incapable of showing the kind of support you showed our last president when he took office."


Fifteen bloggers across the country were asked to host viewing parties and I've invited a few close like-minded friends to watch the festivities, wave farewell to Bush and remember his eight years of service, and usher in a new era. I try not to light this place up with the same level of political discourse that I am paid to do elsewhere, but I do want to take a moment to say that political differences should not be dividing issues amongst people and I always feel badly for those who are unable to connect with others on a deeper level and thus shun anyone who doesn't agree with them lockstep. There is so much to life and to people in general; we all have the same goals just different means. That's diversity. Please remember that this week.

Liam knows what's going on tomorrow and in the past couple of weeks he's grown ridiculously interested in presidential history. One evening I let him watch a documentary on George Washington, who Liam thought was cool because of his blue coat, and he's been all about GW ever since, reading several YA books about him, including a new one he started late yesterday afternoon. He'd asked me why people were talking about Lincoln and I couldn't get him away from reading about Washington and the revolutionaries long enough to properly answer.

**I'll be on NBC affiliate KSDK Channel 5 at 5 and 6:30 p.m. tonight; a reporter, Ryan Dean, came to the party and filmed and interviewed a few of us. (Good on KSDK and Dean for a balanced report.)

*** I've uploaded photos to Flickr. I love this photo of Kristie holding baby Natalie. All she's missing is a cape:
Chris, Kelli, baby Natalie, Kristie watching history

****Michelle and Kelli both posted about the day.


Hey, a conservative inauguration party would probably be pretty entertaining...although it would be even better if you actually DID have Quakers there!

Yay to you for having a party! I would love for my kids to understand the historical aspect of what's about to happen but...well, they were ruined over the past few months by overhearing myself and my husband. I don't think they'd sit through it without booing!

That's great your son has such an interest in the presidents!

Now, I'm not a straight-up liberal by any stretch, but that's where I usually lean. HOWEVER, I listen to conservative talk radio, read conservative publications and (GASP!) learn from my conservative friends.

I don't understand the wisdom of surrounding yourself with only like-minded people. How else are you supposed to learn anything, not only about the world at large, but your own beliefs? Never have my personal viewpoints been so solidified than when I listened to someone else's well-thought out, intelligent argument to the contrary.

That's what bothers me most about political discourse -- not polite disagreement, but the blind ranting and raving and name-calling. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them stupid. There are intolerant, ignorant people of all political stripes. I wish people wouldn't try so hard to add themselves to their ranks.

I thought specifically of you when I wondered if conservatives, including my conservative friends, would be watching. And like you, I recognized I'd watched the Bush first inaguration, and I remebered I thought, this guy's okay, I can work with this guy.

So, I did think, "WTF? You?" just for a moment, but I figured the rest out on my own.

@Jonniker - and this is why I adore you.

@TheQueen - exactly. Everyone deserves a fair chance.

Hey, I'm totally cheering for Obama. I'm a serious conservative but I'd be stoopid to cheer against him, now wouldn't I? My biggest reservation is that he's a white sox fan. and I'm a Cub fan. tough to get past that.

Just wondering. Are you serving oats? 'cause if you aren't serving oats you are probably hosting your last party. Personally, I'd give out "feed bags" at the door to every guest so that they can strap it on and feed out of it throughout the entire event. Hmmmm ... perhaps their is a political statement here as well ....


Speaking of homeschooling, and great books on our presidents. Well first, see if you can get your hands on this puzzle (hard to find, yet there should be one in every household). Use in combination with this great book. Will keep your kids fascinated for weeks!

Differences, what differences?

ditto on the feedbags... :)

If you do serve oats, remember not to add any sugar to Wilford's. Diabeetus and everything...

Here's diversity for you: I am a Right-Wing-nut-job-Conservative and my wife is a Left-Wing-loonie-Liberal. On my wife's nightstand is a copy of The Audacity of Hope and on my side is Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. Yet we have been married for ten fantastic years. My seven year old daughter will grow up to either be politically sophisticated or completely conflicted.

P.S. What are YA books? I'm always trying to sneak in a little history with my daughters reading. American Girl books seem to be the best I can do.

Being a liberal myself, I wasn't so hot on Obama getting selected over the other Democratic candidates-however, now that he has won I think it is only fair for us to step back and evaluate him after he has had a chance to prove himself. Only then I think can he be fairly judged.

Same rhetoric could be used with some aspects of Bush's performance I think could be put on hold until time reveals more information on the who/what/when/where/why's....and even I couldn't stand him!

It was weird seeing him walk towards the chopper earlier today-I kept thinking about what must be on his mind. How did he truely feel about his time in the office that he didn't elaborate on during his farewell speech?

i know this is off subject, but a while back you mentioned cloth diaper service. Do you know what company that was. I can only find one in STL Baby Care. Just wanted to find out some info. Thanks

Good interview on KSDK! Even though I voted Libertarian (we're used to losing), I couldn't help but get emotional while watching Obama's swearing in. I hope it gives hope to people who have felt underrepresented in the past.

I'm visiting from Momversations, and say kudos to you! I'm uber-conservative, but am still super pumped to see President Obama take office. It's a turning point in history, and I look forward to his term in office. I turned it on as my a.m. class was lining up for the buses, and told them they were witnessing history. If they only knew!

I found you from Momversation (even thought I'm not actually a mom yet, I find them entertaining).
I wondered if Quaker was going to have any conservative bloggers or not. Glad they were represented a little. :)
And Ken--YA is young adult

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