The only cure is more Poladroid

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Red light church

I haven't been sleeping well lately because I cannot stop the hamster wheel that is my brain from revolving inside my skull. We have a lot going on at the moment which is stressful and when I'm stressed my brain kicks into overdrive and devises various ways for remedying that stress. Thus, the hamster. Of all things. Moving on.  

I love old Polaroids. The memories of my youth are fuzzy and oddly colorized, just like the Polaroids that my grandma had in her photo album. Sometimes I want to climb into those photos. There's something about that instant development, how it freezes the "now" while you're still in it. Now that they're no longer making the (expensive) film, Polaroid's days are numbered. Almost. A new software called Poladroid allows you to take existing photos, drag them over to the Poladroid camera icon, and essentially create Polaroids of your own. FOR FREE. I am addicted, as you've probably noticed in the past few days. The software was Mac-only at first and I waited patiently for the PC version and [cue sopranos!] it arrived a week ago. The downside is that Poladroids are spreading all over the internet which might take away some of the specialness of the nostalgia a bit but I adore it so much I don't care. It even makes the coveted Polaroid click-whurr sound. Loves!

If you post Poladroids on your site do leave me a link in the comments? I'm nosy and want to see!


Click-whurr, thanks!

Click my name, my dear...thanks for sharing, this is too cool!

Thanks for the link. Pretty fun little gizmo. Here's a link to my pics that got the treatment:

Awesome! This is much easier than the way I make my photo's into Polaroid’s. I was going through the tedious task to copy, paste & cutting. Thanks for the link.

That's pretty cool! I've been playing around a lot more with photography, lately. I'll need to try this out.

I love that building, too. In fact, the organist there has a blog! One of my eight billion hobbies is pipe organs, and classical organ literature, which is how I found him.

Small world, huh?

Now this? Is awesome. I'll be doing it when I get home (can't download to the work PC, alas.)

I did try it after I saw it on your site..I had tried another one earlier through a different editor and I like the poladroid much better. Thanks for the link, but I just wish they had held out and kept making more of the original film.

OK, I couldn't resist!

Here's one of my favorite photos of Rebecca at age 18 months, that my sister took. I scanned it from 35 mm film and then sent to the Poladroid application!

Posted on Pop Candy, USA Today's Website:

Meet the Polaroid 2.0
When Polaroid announced it was stopping production of its instant film, I was heartbroken. Sure, digital cameras have pretty much taken over the world, but there was still something charming about being able to physically hold a photo seconds after snapping it.

This week, Polaroid announced the cameras are returning ... sort of.

Meet the PoGo, a digital camera that includes a built-in color printer. Now you can print a pic you just took or one you snapped awhile ago. The prints include sticky backs, too, so you can affix them to stuff if you want.

"I've been waiting for this type of device to come about for awhile and it looks like it's finally here," says Pop reader Dennis S.

Polaroid says the camera will go on sale in late March or early April. Its official site has more details and updates. And check out a photo taken with the PoGo -- aside from a little red-eye, the quality looks pretty good to me.

I just discovered it last week through this blogger: A Little Bird.

And, click on my blog 1017. to see my hand at it in the banner. It's really a lot of fun.

MAN. I will never get any work done now. ALL MY SITES MUST NOW BE REDESIGNED WITH POLADROID.

You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

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