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1. I've loved reading your comments on public smoking bans below. I was a little sketchy about hitting "publish" on that one because I know many smokers are quite vigilant about their smoking. I do hope people realize it's not about taking anyone's rights away, but rather ensuring the right for others to not smoke via secondhand fumes.

2. My latest homeschooling column is up now over at Imperfect Parent, wherein I answer the most oft-asked question: "What about their socialization?" Definitive reading on the subject.

3. I cannot stop playing this song. I love everything about it; it shares this murky aesthetic with Jesca Hoop which I find very appealing:


First, love that song but what a freaky video.

Second, that is a great article on homeschooling. I said before having children we'd homeschool for sure. Once I had 3 kids in UNDER 3.5 years I was all, no freaking way, they are going to school ASAP! My oldest is now 7 and my youngest 4. They go to a private, Christian school here. While it is really, really inexpensive compared to other private schools in the area it's getting to be a bit much. And I'm realizing that it's not all it's cracked up to be. The Christian enviroment is great but- and you made reference to this- their socializations skills are zip. My 7 year old would rather die than have a conversation with anyone. And a great education? I think they would get a better one from our public elementary school.

Anyway, I'm saying all that to ask you this: How to you balance that with being a "working" mom. I own a decorating business but work from home. However, I may have nothing going on for months but then bam, have 15 condominiums to set in a month (hello insane December of 08) Please tell me how it works for you because I would love to homeschool my 7 and 6 year old next year. :)

1. We have an inside joke in our family about smoking/non-smoking sections. We call them smoking/second-hand smoking sections.

2. loved the homeschooling article. we're leaning toward homeschooling our youngest 2. One of the many reasons is the *kind* of socialization they're getting *in* The Institution.

3. enjoyed the video too.


That's an awesome song. I sometimes wish you did an ipod shuffle kind of thing, but maybe more Dana's must listen. I really get in a music rut and I look forward to hearing what's doing it for you.

Neat song - very Donnie Darko...

I was just watching a few episodes of Momversations and when I got to the one where you say, "If we had five kids we'd spend all day making crafts and then we'd drink hot cocoa by the fire..." And it made me laugh. Coffee may or may not have come out of my nose. So, thank you.

I LOVE Jesca!!
I you haven't heard all of her tuff, you need to...she is great!!!

just caught up on your last post and i am mildly shocked. here in california smoking has been banned for ages, even in bars so i guess i kinda forgot that is not the case everywhere. i think your 'antics' were totally appropriate and that it is so very wrong to smoke in the presence of non-smokers, especially in public. good on ya, st louis.

and love the song and going to go read the article now. since finding your blog i have felt really encouraged to pursue home school for my now young, but soon to be grown, twins. i will be looking for more info and reading here avidly.

Someone much wittier than I once said that having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a pool.

I'm bummed Ann bailed on you this morning. I was so looking forward to hearing you take her on.


listen to this:

radioparadise.com (192 kbps/ choice)

Dana: you may be too young, but Chris will dig it.
eclectic y mas....

p.s. we enjoy your site. tell kids to rock.

viva France

So far the video reminds me of Zebra Cakes. When the animals "jumped" out, I was all "Ahhh!"

I'm still waiting for the rest of it to 'load' or whatever. Dial-up sucks.

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