Plastic surgery: pro or con?

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I had a lot of fun taping this particular episode of Momversation (also featuring the lovely Mindy and Daphne) because I find it hysterical, the whole idea of youth-worship. Also! I drew you a diagram! Several things that you don't know based on this video alone (because, obviously, timeliness! They can't be three hours long):

- The women in my family are, ahem, um, well-endowed. All I'm going to say is that all the women in my family were jocks in school and we all required at least two sports bras just to reign it all in. In the past I wanted a reduction. After having children I've learned that motherhood can sometimes shrink things, so it's all good. Sweet jeebus I feel uncomfortable now so MOVING ON.

- Really, I would never get a facelift, Botox, eye thingermajibbers, a tummy tuck, lipo, or any of that jazz. It's just not me, plus, I am terrified at the sight of my own blood and, as I said in a part of the video that was cut out, I pass out every single time I've given blood, I've passed out just at my weekly pregnancy exams (though, if you me had to go through what we do, you'd pass out, too). So I would not take well to the needles, knives, or blood. While I wouldn't do it, I wouldn't get in someone else's business and tell them that they couldn't.

- In another edited-out bit, I explained that unless I have enough money to wipe my butt with dollar bills or swim around in it like Scrooge McDuck, it ain't happening.

- I think there is a wondrous inner strength in aging on your own terms and bucking against Hollywood's warped definition of beauty. The women who do that: Sophia Loren, Jamie Lee Curtis, Diana Ross, etc. are a million times more beautiful to me.

- Chris finds me attractive even when I wake up with my hair a knotted mess, sticking every which way. I'm content with how I look, he's content with how I look, so in my opinion, there's no one else I care to impress.

Of course if my chestal region becomes such that I have to tuck them into my Converse, well, maybe a little something here or there to wind them back up to at least my stomach. Otherwise, I'd rather spend my money on yarn and Apple products. What do you think?

P.S. In the beginning you can hear me mention Jocelyn Wildenstein. I Googled her for you.

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