Toxic friends, or , breaking up is hard to do

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Don't you love my homemade signs? Thankfully my mother does not have the internet so she can't admonish me later.

Have you ever had one of those women in your life that was a <airquotes>friend</airquotes> but didn't act like it? One of those women who acted more like an enemy, a woman who crossed your boundaries, tore you down, made you uncomfortable? I think we've all had one and that's what we're discussing in this latest Momversation. I'm lucky in that I have a group of girlfriends that I adore (I also have several girlfriends that I met online who later became some of my real life confidantes). I can tell anything to these women, I know I have their support and they mine, and I have the best time in their company. It's a rare thing to find another woman who is on your wavelength. You tend to know pretty quick if they're someone with whom you can hang or not. The bad friendships I've had have made me treasure my genuine friendships that much more.

So when you have one of those "toxic friends," what do you do? How do you manage it - do you manage it? Do you put up with it or break it off and if you do the latter, how?


Remember the Day in the Life Flickr series I created? I'm getting ready to do another one and I'd like for you to join me. The next Day in the Life will be this Friday. The rules are as follows:

- Join the Day in the Life Flickr group.
- Photos MUST be taken all on the SAME DAY, this Friday. A shot of your morning routine, another shot of a lazy lunch; the purpose is to provide a glimpse into YOUR life from YOUR perspective. Upload as you go.
- G-rated, peeps.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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