Do you have a girl's night out?

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My latest for Momversation is a great topic. As I say in the video, I love my husband, I love my boys, but boys are not good at certain things like gossip and getting excited over bra and panties sales and the newest color of OPI nail polish. I love my girls; they are the most gorgeous and hysterical women I know. I feel recharged after going with them to take a little time for myself. It's a must: I work many hours a week, have two little boys in my constant care, and homeschool. A ladies' night out is a respite from my many demands and their support is better than any therapy.

(Over the weekend I hosted some of them at my house for a - I FORBID YOU TO GAG - "Twilight" movie-watching party. We made mixed drinks (including my friend Laura's "vampire blood" concoction which tasted like whiskey. Whiskey lit on fire), ate pizza, and watched both the film and the special features, narrating a la MST 3000 through the entire thing. Chris stuck his finger down his throat and rolled his eyes as he left to go see "The Watchmen.")

What about you? Do you have a ladies' night out?

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