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Liam playing

Every afternoon Liam plays on the piano. He's just a beginner, but he's learning. He already sings beautifully.

Ewan joins

Ewan is fascinated by everything his big brother does and watches in earnest.

Watching closely

Some have asked how I am able to teach both of them at home. I credit Ewan's desire to match the pace set by his brother.
Ewan's turn

It makes him eager to step up for his turn.

Liam watches

Because Liam appreciates having a fan (or a minion, depending on the circumstance) he welcomes it and encourages his brother. Being an only child myself, this is a wonderful thing to witness.


Even if it's sometimes hard to catch the moments.


One of the things I will be looking for when we finally get our own house is an old, upright piano, similar to the one you have here. I remember my mom sitting down and playing things for me as a child, and me sitting down, too, and banging away. I thought I was the best piano player ever! I can't wait to get one and watch my daughter do the same thing that I did when I was her age. =) I bet your boys get a kick out of composing there own musical masterpieces!

These images bring back so many memories for me. I have played the piano since I was three..don't remember learning to chord. This was my therapy everyday after school. Some kids rushed to the kitchen for cookies..I rushed to the piano to pour out my soul. My mother still has that Ballwin in her living room. Can't wait to get one for mine!

This is a priceless thing to pass on to your children..awesome looking piano too!

I love how Ewan is sitting as close to Liam as he possibly can on the piano bench. The body language in these pics is superb.

I really like the photography style you're developing! It also helps to have pictures of musical stuff - love it.

If you end up having questions on the D60, let me know. :)

I love photographs like these because they remind me of some of the ones my mom took of my sisters and I when we were little. So I guess it goes to show that even if the moments are hard to catch, the memories last a lifetime =)

Comrade, these pictures are awesome. They remind me of my little brother and I when we were younger. My brother Cody and I are about 5 years apart (18 and 23) and we are polar opposites. I really miss the days that we would always hang out and just play some random, imaginary game. Now, it's hard to spend time with him as I work until late in the night and don't get home until he is in bed. It's hard when you start to grow apart from your own flesh and blood. Dana, I hope you cherish this time in your kids lives and please don't let your kids grow too far apart from each other. Peace.

I like the piano. that is such a cute photo. I think Ewan should get a lot of credit too, he's too cute. I wonder sometimes if i had two boys or two girls, if there would be a lot less fighting!
My question however is who teaches them piano, i assume it is you? good for you.

How adorable! And that piano is fabulous. Another reason is that they haven't had government schools teaching them that learning is bad. =P Just thought I'd throw that in there...

Love this series of photos! Precious!

It's beena w hile but I used to visit you on here all the time! I love those pictures. I am literally ALWAYS grabbing my camera trying to capture moments when Leah is doing something silly/cute/funny/etc. but I almost always miss them!

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