The first warm, sunny day of spring

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Backdoor breeze

I live for these days. The days when a breeze roars through the backdoor,


when the honeysuckle stretches and begins to knot and curl again,

Backyard fence

when the smell of a neighbor's bar-be-cue wafts over the fence, along with Mike Shannon's voice calling the Cardinal's pitches,


When the irises are the gem of the garden,


when the boys take to the dirt and bugs again (and I have to watch for Liam's asthma and allergies),


and when the afternoon winds down and grows silent as tired boys sleep.

This is one of my favorite times of the year.


My husband has a D70 and we love it. Enjoy your new the pics. Spring is good for the soul.

Sometimes I wish it could be Springtime year-round. It always makes me happiest when the daffodils and tulips are bright and happy, and the trees are just starting to bud out. It makes me appreciate it just that much more...

beautiful pictorial of the day. I love this weather. Your boys are so handsome. How come my irises are not blooming yet, not even a bud to bloom. LOL Soon, I guess.

I love your pictures. They are really pretty :)

Finally, finally, finally. My windows were open all weekend. I was so happy for warm sunshine I won't complain about the wind.

Love the door!

lovely post

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