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In the next several days I will - and when I say I, I mean my friend Craig - will begin moving stuff from Moveable Type over to a new platform. I just don't have the time to flub around and scare him half to death whenever I attempt to mess with the CSS on my own to change things, thus the switch. A Wordpress platform is in contention; I was hesitant to move to Wordpress at first because all their layouts, back in "the day" when I first went from Blogger to Moveable Type, completely sucked bass. They were horrible. They looked as though the person responsible for designing all the doctors' examining rooms decided to create themes for Wordpress. I could not be creative if the aesthetic of my blog reminded me of throwing my feet up into a pair of cold stirrups. Things have changed and their designs and functionality have improved exponentially.   

I wanted something that could accommodate video, larger-sized photos, look nice, and yet still look individual (meaning, I didn't want to use a theme that a frillion other people used. Not that I have anything against those frillion other hypothetical people at all, but you get what I mean. Something with a fingerprint.) I also wanted something that was easy for me to customize so I could share more with the internets and the current functionality that I'm working with right now is just ... no. It's not the platform, it's me. Seriously. I can diagram sentences and wax poetic on classical literature but when it comes to things like CSS I am not the first person you'd pick for your CSS kickball team.

So I threw a bunch of stuff at Craig's head and he was all OMG STOP and finally we have some ideas and shortly you'll come here and ta da! See it.

I hope you enjoy it | it will be pretty | the end.

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