How did you prepare for a second child?

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The topic du jour for Momversation. Because I was such a neurotic mess with Liam the irony is that I think I've made him uptight about a few things. Think meaning know. It was so much easier the second time around because I had done it all before. For instance, I knew that I required an epidural the second time around - none of this "I'm going for a baby AND an award, too!" business. I think I had more time to enjoy Ewan's babyhood because I wasn't freaking out over the simplest of things.

Chris and I are "holding talks" (it sounds so much more official that way) about the possibility of going for a third child but I'm still on the fence, the same spot where I've been for the past three years. In the video I mention how perfectly content I am to have a proportionate ratio of children vs. arms and I mean that. Like, three kids will totally throw the balance of power; the Lilliputians children, they will outnumber us. I will have to tie them to the cart just to make it through the grocery store. OHMYWORD and what if I have twins? God apparently thought it HYSTERICAL to make twins run on both my side and Chris's side of the family and I'm positive that I'm playing Russian Roulette here and that as soon as we decide our number is up. Our families think it's sweet, the possibility of twins, and they think this because they would neither have to carry, deliver, or wake up at 5 a.m. with them.

I know that I would love a third baby, I would love him or her to absolute bits and I am enamored with the idea of a big family like the Waltons, so that's not the point; the point is whether or not I could handle a third baby at this time. I give major propers to those who can.

So how did you prepare for a second child? Also - if you have more than two children (seriously, be straight with me here) was it an easy transition like from baby #1 to baby #2? Was it easier? Harder? I've only two friends who have more than two children and whenever I ask they give me The Look.   

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