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Yesterday I went with Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn redux to an all-day field trip at the Arch.
Bear!     I HAD to

Ewan just wanted to look at the animal skins. Liam was glued to his friend-who-is-a-girl-but-is-not-his-girlfriend, gosh, stop ASKING HIM ABOUT IT ALREADY. (Seriously, eight? Is this when this happens, people with children?)

Liam completed his Junior Ranger requirement, though he was a bit cross with me because I wouldn't let him rush through it so he could run outside.

BS Peace Medals.


After their classes on the plains Indians and pioneers, the first half of our group ventured to the swollen river to board the Tom Sawyer and take a trip upstream. 

The boys

My whole life I've never lived more than a few miles from the Mississippi River. We pulled away from the sound of zydeco music and the smell of fried food and out into the muddy water. The river's current is deceptively strong; the kids were fascinated by the giant pieces of driftwood that floated past and bounced between the barges. Open this in a separate window, listen, and look:

Lunch on the Grand Staircase

From the Tom Sawyer

Money shot

Grand Staircase and the Arch

Eads Bridge

The Admiral


Eads Bridge

A coal-burning electric plant. Because 84% of the country's electricity comes from coal.


UE plant

The Grand Staircase

Thanks for joining us. Full Flickr set here. Click the above photos for descriptions.


My best friend was a guy until he figured out it wasn't cool to have a Girl Friend when we were in 3rd grade and starting hanging out with the boys. He regrets that decision now. Let Liam figure it out.

So far as when "it" happens ... varies with the kid, I think. My 9-year-old doesn't want to admit girls exist; his 7-year-old sister and her "Boy Friend" plan to get married some day.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. I love St. Louis, and I hope to get back there some day! (Sorry if you get this twice...I got an error message the first time.)

Very nice views of the riverfront from the Tom Sawyer. I've been here all my life and have never taken the boat tour and have only been up in the Arch once (only after much prodding from my then 8 year old son).

The water is pretty high up on the banks and also high on the barriers of the President Casino which I'm sure made for an extra interesting boat ride for the kids.

They looked like they really enjoyed themselves and they'll remember their field trip to the Arch and the boat ride for many years to come.

Eight? Absolutely possible.

BTW, that power plant building is incredibly beautiful on the land side. I slow down when I drive by to take a look.

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