Reason 2,972 why I married him

During Mother's Day weekend I had a wonderful reprieve from wrestling Chris over the remote because he insists on watching shows about fixing cars and ultimate warriors and other things which are only made relevant in apocalyptic times. He let me watch the super important shows like "Gilmore Girls" reruns and the seventh airing of the last remake of "Pride and Prejudice," alternately titled "the One with the Mr. Darcy That Isn't As Good As Colin Firth." I watched what I wanted and he didn't once complain about how his brain was liquefying from the content or anything.

Because Sunday night marked the end of Mother's Day weekend, after I finished prep last night I was subjected to some show about the SSC Ultimate Aero, a ridiculously expensive pimp car of which few is made, thus the price. (I myself am partial to cars with the old heavy, 70s-era doors that creak like death when you close them or black Mercedes) Chris, who once rebuilt a Barracuda as a teenager and later sold it to a museum, his one big regret in life, was enthralled with the program, though not necessarily with the show's host. Chris kept debating the host's analogies and criticizing what he felt was a limited knowledge of automobiles.

At one point, the host described the Ultimate Aero as the "Buzz Lightyear of its time," to which Chris angrily sputtered: "OMG. Can you believe this guy? Buzz Lightyear is a SPACE RANGER. And not even a real one. And? His fictional contemporaries had equal, if not better abilities and also Buzz Lightyear NEVER had anything comparable a top speed of 273 mph, nor could he go from zero to 60 in three seconds. Yeah, real great analogy there, Francess."
Mah man

I make fun, but really, I think it's hot.

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