Dad's home

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As soon as they hear the key turn the lock


The frenzy begins


Twelve hours of day condensed into a five minute story


Chaotic but lovely.


AW! Wow. I remember this time from when I was a kid. What wonderful memories for your husband and your children =)

Man, that's just like what it was like when I was a kid!

Too many times, now, I don't get the same greeting. Everyone has events/rehearsals they are at, and usually I'm either picking someone up late, or the youngest is in bed when I get home.

WAAAAAA!!!! Is it too late to trebuchet long work days?

I love this :)

You are such a great photographer. You're pictures tell so many stories. I love it!

Happy 4th of July ;)

Love those photos. You can tell so much from Dad and happy barefoot kids. Those are the kind of pictures I treasure...the little snapshots into life.


I am smiling through this email!

Reminds me of waiting on the front step for my Dad with our ball gloves. He never even got to change out of his suit.

Yes! This happens at my house too. Mind you when I leave (which isn't very often without child) I don't get a running stampede. Dad's are just cooler that way!

I remember this time as a kid too! And making welcome home signs for Dad when he went away on a business trip :). Now I sit back, adore, and nourish the relationship between my son and husband. It is almost as amazing as the relationship between a mother and child.

hehe..this looks familiar.

Awww. Isn't it cute? The hero worship little boys have for their dads. Its alike like that around our house too. Even the DOG goes crazy when hubs walks through the door.

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