I've had the T.V. off all day

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Oh yes, it is the topic du jour at Momversation land.


I should have, but I just happened to pass by the memorial while channel surfing and got stuck there. Then at the end, his daughter gave a short and tearful statement which broke my heart for his children and all the talk. Hopefully they are being shielded from all that.

"The one time we need one of these women to come up and scoop up some kids, where they at?" LMAO!!!

I laughed so hard about your Angelina Jolie comment. Great solution!! I feel bad for the kids and the whole family. It seems they can't even bury him in peace. I have purposely avoided all of the coverage. I loved the music, but not the man. Regardless of what I thought of him and his whacko past, he was someone's son, father, brother, etc. Crazy media!

I started reading your updates years ago on the local newspaper. We usually fall in different political camps but, seemingly, similiar home life camps. I am curious about your reaction to the Sarah Palin news. My gut tells me we probably had similar reactions. :)

As much as we can debate where these children should go, I for one wil devote whatever good energy I have to spare to the universe in hopes that they find a loving home, with caregivers who have their best interests truly at heart. How terrible it will be for these children to later see all the hoopla that surrounded their "placement." One can only hope that whoever cares for them prepares them properly for the twisted reality which surely awaits them.

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