The road taken

The other day I was on Greta Van Susteren talking about political things. I don't write about those things here because this is my respite from it all, also because people get angry at me for doing so on my own website, which seems weird to me. I don't know how you can truly love a person without loving all parts of them. We're really not that different. 

It's an odd thing to try to reconcile. 

I'm just glad that my boys don't yet know how to Google my name and find the things that are said about me, how people think that their mother needs to keep her mouth shut, have her [backside] kicked, or is a number of pejoratives. I'm glad that they aren't old enough to see some of their mother's friends, happy when their mother pretended that she had no thoughts about politics, change who they are, even though she has never changed who she was or stopped caring about them.

It's not a path you seek out for anything but the deepest, most passionate reasons because any other motive would make the things said about you a lousy trade. It goes with the territory and I am not phased; just learning to keep my eyes open. 

I may not sleep again.  

(P.S. On the show tomorrow I'm talking to Joan Rivers.THE Joan Rivers. !)

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