What I picked from my garden this morning

Hydrangeas from my garden

My absolute favorite flower, ever.

Hydrangeas from my garden

I'm pressing Chris to bring me some dry ice because the only way to preserve them really well is to flash-freeze them.

Hydrangeas from my garden

Hydrangeas from my garden

Hydrangeas thrive in really acidic soil; I had no idea of this when I planted them; I just stuck my favorite perennials in the dirt: Crape Myrtle, Rose of Sharon, azalea, hardy southern hibiscus, and lavender. Honeysuckle hangs over the fence and in the early morning and dusky evening the smell outside absolutely intoxicating.

I love how when the hydrangeas bloom the color creeps inward from the outermost edges of the petals: it starts soft and increases in intensity. They really are that pink; aside from sharpening the photo, I didn't saturate the color of the petals or mess with the hue at all. They're so bright they almost look fake.

Thus concludes the Martha Stewart portion of your weekly programming. 

Happy Monday. 

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