HCR with Sen. Gillibrand

My latest for Momversation on health care reform. Mind you, people like me don't oppose some measures of healthcare reform - portable insurance, tort reform, the freedom to purchase insurance across state lines, et al. - please take the time to read the Patients Choice Act which I think is a brilliant alternative to what is currently being proposed. 

I said that we're not opposed to HCR; what we are opposed to is this legislation as it grants the executive branch an exponentially unprecedented amount of power. These are the times when I wish the episodes could last for an hour because it's really difficult to explore such a complex issue within minutes.

I also dispute the approval percentage (and the 47 million statistic) given in the episode's description; the majority of Americans are actually opposed to this legislation:

My husband and I are also small business owners and we've gone through periods of being uninsured. We've had trouble attaining coverage due to Liam's asthma; oddly, too, when Liam was born, our previous provider refused to cover him due to his not be enrolled at the time of service. I know, right? Wrap your brain around that! 


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