Stranger Danger


Thoughts I had upon viewing this video:

1. All strangers have crooked 70s sunglasses and pron-staches. 
2. I had that same blue Adidas jacket as a kid.
3. The guy singer uses an abundance of product. 
4. The girl lied about not knowing strangers. How can you not know but then know that your parents told you not to talk to them? YEAH. 
5. The guy in the red Corvette likely never got a date again after this. 
6. Many strangers look like Kenny Rogers.

Picture 4.png
7. Some look like Freddie Mercury. 

Picture 1.png8. The puppets were introduced too late and way underused.
9. The guy lost his magic towards the end of the video, but then I think anyone would when they realized that their public service video-rocketship to rockstardom was bogarted by puppets. 
10. My parents showed me every embarrassing coming-of-age video possible as a "learning about myself" tutorial. Had they seen this I'm sure they would've recorded it on the VCR.

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