Has anyone ever made a horror movie called "The Dentist?"


* My latest for Momversation: Is your child afraid to go to the dentist? The WHRRRRR sound of the polisher reminds me of a chainsaw and I get "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" visions in my head whenever I hear it. Ewan has this fear times eleventy

* I'm going to be leaving the country for a short bit on a documentary-slash-mission trip to help children. More on that soon. 

* A nice but maybe not-quite-deft woman asked Liam the other day if he wanted to go to "a real school." He replied, "My school isn't pretend." (I mentally high-fived myself after that.)

* Ewan learned that super glue doesn't fix old stickers. Totally not the end result he wanted. 

* My mom's birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday, Nana. 


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