It wasn't such a bad summer


So we got this activity set of science stuff, things like growing rocks! Of all colors! And sand sculpting! We got it at The Costco, as my step-dad sometimes says, because it's just not proper unless it's The Something. We're going to Costco now instead of Sam's because I'm no longer a fan of The Walmarts for various reasons that are not fun to talk about at cocktail parties. 

Inside this activity kit is a package of triops' eggs. If you don't know what a triops is let me break it down for you: they look like the baby alien crabs that fly at your face and suck your brains out in "Alien." But the box said SEA MONSTERS and Ewan's head almost exploded because what boy doesn't want to own his very own sea monster? 

So basically these gross things grow to 6 centimeters in length and eat corn, peas, carrots, and tropical fish food. The look like little aquatic Roombas and the Internet says that they lay 10-30 eggs PER DAY. The triops is the Octomom of the aquatic world. I'm considering not putting sand in the aquarium as a form of birth control as they burrow and lay their eggs in the sand.

So we're going to put them in this little plastic aquarium and it will be Liam and Ewan's responsibility to care for them which means that there is an excellent possibility that the triops will all die in a week or so. Also, we may be overrun with "Alien" babies which, just, gross. I'm really not looking forward to have what is essentially a box of nasty triops water (they normally live in puddles and don't require pristine water the Internet said) full of baby-having triops that all look like props from a sci-fi horror flick sitting in my house. 

If only Chris would agree with me on getting an actual real pet with fur that purrs or barks and isn't disgusting, then we wouldn't have to resort to sea monsters. 

This is the best video I've found on them:

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