and other places doing what some would say "rabble-rousing"

but what I call "maintenance."

My boys have been soaking up learning about the Constitution.

Liam knows the number of amendments in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He's so much smarter than I was at his age. 

Chris's high school reunion is coming up. He told me to pick out something that a "trophy wife would wear." Then we laughed and I ran my fingers through a gray patch on his head and he yanked on one of my fuzzy pigtail buns because when it rains it's all I can do with my hair. 

I needed to feel like I had command here again. I know that doesn't make sense but in my head it does. This is where I escape from it all. 

I have a lot to share. Some sad family news (we're all OK), some sad mama news (Liam now refuses to hold my hand in public because "My friends are watching! GEEZ MAMA." Heart + break), and how I've had to reschedule our entire lives to accommodate a different workload. 

More tomorrow.

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