My drunk hobo costume nonwithstanding

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The latest for Momversation at the bottom; it's all about slutty and gory kids' costumes. I wrote about this last year and still proclaim that the teen wolf costume is the best. It's taken a year, but Ewan is finally over his Grim Reaper phase. I am finally over my drunk clown hobo mail worker phase.

I blamed my parents. All their idea. 

My mother did it

I am wearing a Schlitz beer t-shirt, yes. Here's another shot. Parties offended: six - actual hobos, Schlitz employees, AB employees (did I mention that I dragged around a string of empty Budweiser cans?), clowns, postal workers, and the homeless. 

OH, and then there was THIS GEM:

Zombie in fashionable 80s tunic-dress

I'm not crafty like Giyen is; I could knit a costume I suppose but it would take several years and the finished product would look like a giant body sock with the arms all out of sorts, I'm positive. as you can see from the photo above, I always made my own costumes, which I still think is cool to do, it's just a bit easier when your kids are older, perhaps. My mother likes to get the kids their costumes and I'm sure would never dream of dressing them us as drunk hobos. 

The boys are going as Jango and Boba Fett, though Liam is careful to make the distinction: "He's my clone son, but only when the costumes are on."

This installment of Momversation is all about how the majority of Halloween costumes - kids' costumes - have lost all imagination. Seriously, put "dead" or "slutty" in front of something and voila! COSTUME. 

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