So Much More Room for Activities!

OMG bunkbed! Major excitement!

When I was little my Aunt Cayenne would babysit me and a perk of this was that I got to play with my cousins' hamsters, Jake and Patch. I would stand in front of Jake and Patch's cages and watch as they would freak out and launch into a blur of activity in and on their wheels and tunnels. I was reminded of this the other day after Chris assembled the boys' bunkbeds, an early Christmas gift from us and our parents.

Currently, their bed is a pirate ship and the desk at which Liam does his independent study is now covered with a treasure map and various implements which assist them in reading said map. 

Ewan climbed to the top once and then apparently forgot how to descend a ladder and he cried because he thought he was stuck on the top bunk for forever. It's not the same sort of ladder that's at the playground, he said after I helped him down. 

We were worried that the boys would fight over who got to sleep on top. Then I was worried that Ewan would climb up and fall off but now he won't climb past the second rung on the ladder so we're all good for now. I've had to get onto Liam once for launching all manner of toys from the top bunk. This morning he had all the Legos up there in an effort to construct a trebuchet (he's mine afterall!) from which to fling small stuffed animals. 

Chris put the entire thing together and for a couple hours after talked about how he put it all together. To his credit, I would have gone on about for twice that length. Liam hopped all around his room talking about how much room they now have for GAMES! and PLAYING! 

It was a lot like this:

(Beware F bomb at the 45 second mark in case smallish ears are around.)

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