The Holidays in Bullet Form

- I put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. My mother is slated to arrive tonight and in keeping with tradition, will likely redo all of my ornaments. All of my Christmas decorations are things she found while out and about antiquing. She does them better, anyway. 

- Ewan wrote that he is grateful for emo on a link in our annual Blessing Chain (strips of paper labeled with things with which we've been blessed this year). 

Picture 13.png
I was really worried, all, "My son has a horrible taste in music?? But then I realized that he was trying to write the name of his co-op friend: Emma.

- Because of a radio client, I have a four-person maid service in my home right this very moment. I'm cringing because they're cleaning things I have never before cleaned in this house. I raced through the halls earlier cleaning this and that before they came to clean it because I would die if they saw some of the dust bunnies lurking under dressers and beds. I can hear them moving furniture right now; the wood feet of certain things makes a farting noise when slid across the wood floor. Also, my entire house smells like lemons. I hid some of my book titles so they wouldn't think that I was a weirdo.

- The boys are getting bunk beds for Christmas. I am slightly concerned. Also, I sort of want to trade them beds.

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