There was something seriously wrong with me when I was a teenager because I ran varsity track and cross-country, all as I studied classical ballet and I was never ever very rarely sore! I LOVED running! Loved pushing my tendons to the point of snapping! Love that burn!

The other day Chris and I did something that I as a human being, have never done before: we joined a gym.

I have an insanely high metabolism thanks to which I've never had to worry so much about what I ate, despite my mother's threats that one day I'd wake up with a third butt cheek. Before you envy me for this, having a high metabolism has its downsides, namely being that I am a complete and total fidget. It's hard for me to unplug, to relax, to go without a task for any length of time. If Multitasking were a page on Facebook I would fan it. That's how serious.

The other day I decided to start running again. I tried this once a couple of months after I had Liam and when I was done screaming while pushing a stroller after being chased all over my neighborhood by dogs (whose owners should be reported to the ASPCA for their lack of care towards their animals) I thought SCREW THIS, who just like, RUNS? FOR FUN? I'm done

There's an attraction to running, though. Even if you're running with others you're still battling it out inside your head, pushing yourself ever farther. Running has always provided to me a moment of clarity. I sometimes feel like I'm mentally and physically working things out all at once. I started running again for that reason and to build up my physical endurance. There is no excuse for me to not be as healthy as I can be and I think that it will help me in the long run as I'm constantly getting hit with cold after cold or strep throat.

I retrieved a pair of Nikes that I had in the back of my closet, ones I purchased several years ago for this purpose but put away when I gave up. I put on my jogging pants and hit the track with Queen and Missing Persons playing in my headphones. I probably pushed myself a bit too much my first day back (I did a workout as well) but I knew that if I didn't get that mile under my belt it would be harder to talk myself back into doing it another day. I like results, they keep me moving.

When I crossed the mark for my first mile back it felt glorious. Sure, my legs hurt and my feet ached a bit but they were results that I could immediately feel. Next I'll hone the time on my mile and work up to two miles ... soon as I can walk down the stairs.

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