Things I Would Really Like to Have Right Now at 1:19 a.m.

I'm up late finishing a draft of a script, freelance work as a favor to a friend, and I started thinking about boots.

- I would like a pair of riding boots in every color. I always say that I can't dress myself, in reality I can dress myself, it just sounds better to say that I can't because then people won't think I'm trying to be haute goth by wearing black all the time. Black goes with so much.

- I want more of these little brownies from Costco. I don't know about you, but I simply relish adding padding to my backside by having a brownie at 1:19, oh, nope, now 1:20 in the morning.

- A nice support bra that doesn't look like something my grandma had hanging over her dresser mirror. I have this no-underwire one from Victoria's Secret - oh, crap, sorry, I just forgot dudes also read this site, MY BAD - and believe me when I tell you it's like angels are providing the support.

- Prairie Farms chocolate milk. I like to purchase my chocolate milk (for the children) at the store, already chocolate, because it tastes so much richer than what I can stir up at home. And chocolate whole milk? OMGBBQ it's amazing and I have prohibited myself from buying it because I will drink nothing else.

- More time. I have a ton of emails to answer and I'm an awful person because it takes me awhile. I signed up for this mailbox-helper service thing and then I realized how much I hate mailbox-helper things because I hate the little form emails they send out:
"Hello! You're not important enough for me to answer back with an actual, from my mind email, so lo, you shalt have the form and thou willst be content until thy can answer at (crap. What's Old Times-speak for "mine?"), er, my earliest convenience."
OK. I'm being dramatic, but I always feel bad for folks who get those and I just want all the people who email me for the first time, like Publisher's Clearinghouse, if they wanted to give me money, to know they are just as special as Tina, who sends me every animated .gif email of angels and sparkles that she finds on the Internet.  (Love you Tina!)

It's now 1:29.

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