What I did in Texas

Bullet form.

- Gave a presentation on some past political projects which I helped roll out.

- Ate the worst Greek salad ever.

- Sounded like Kathleen Turner whenever I spoke and tried not to cough on people.

- Got dramatically excited about this place:

When in Texas

- Where I did this:

When in Texas

- ... and got a boo boo on my knuckle because holy Moses I was not letting go.
- Looked up Southfork Ranch five times on Google Maps.

- Hummed this theme A LOT:

Both my mom and my grandma watched this, I never knew what was going on but I remember playing a jump rope game in elementary school called "J.R. Got Shot."

- Flew back home while enjoying great conversation with some brave men and women in uniform.
- Met some great Texans involved with politics on a state level.

- Talked to an atheist Randian.

- Listened to a brilliant tea party Democrat economist.

- Mentioned to Chris three times that the bars of soap in the bathroom were shaped like leaves.

 - Played a game of Count the Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers in the Airport. (In Chicago. Not in Memphis.)

- Missed my boys terribly.

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