It's Alive

Oh hi! How are you? I am SWELL.

Between erecting a mini-studio in my home for PJTV, working on a project, hitting Dallas, Nashville, and D.C. for some things, my radio show moving to a prime-time daypart, television stuff, homeschooling, children, laundry, my non-cooperative hair, I've had to take a couple of weeks to adjust, thus this brief sabbatical.

Also, I discovered NUTELLA.

I was up until midnight last night smearing the contents of a second jar (in a week) all over a graham cracker. I don't even like hazelnuts (I think) but as this is mostly chocolate, it doesn't matter.

Some things:

It's spring and I just realized that I have a faux-evergreen garland strand still wrapped around my deck. Class!

One of the lights I'm to use for my segments is some light called a Kino Flow or whatever and our Emmy-winning director-of-photographer friend is salivating over it. It's a light that costs over $800 and I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how using a lamp aimed at my face is any different.

Liam turns nine, n-i-n-e- years-old this weekend. Nine. My baby.

I'm speaking here on March 27th.

I'm drinking a beer. Right now. As I type. Because it's St. Pat's day and I'm part Irish. If I don't, some Irish people will come and take my laminated card away.

More soon.

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