How AT&T Screwed Us Over

Yesterday afternoon I checked my spam folder and discovered, lost in an assortment of porn solicitations, email from some dude in Africa who told me he wanted me to inherit his millions, were a few emails from AT&T with recent dates informing us that they had improperly removed a nice chunk of cash, for us, from our bank account after we canceled our service with them a couple months ago. 

We called and called and called the customer number for AT&T and got nothing more than a fast busy signal. We thought this problem has been resolved, you see, AT&T had tried to take $220 from our account previously and we canceled service yet again. We've canceled service twice yet AT&T still likes sticking their hands in our cookie jar, and, to quote "Stepbrothers," DON'T YOU MESS WITH MY NUT.

So I did what any reasonable person would do, which was to take to Twitter and throw a fit since CALLING THEM ON A TELEPHONE wasn't working. I don't know if their customer service is based in the United States or is a fantasy and the whole of AT&T's customer service exists just as a number on a website that goes to nowhere, but it seems like it wouldn't be crazy to assume the latter. 

So on Twitter @ATTCustomerCare said she would help. Chris talked to her on the phone last night after I emailed my basic account info to her. Apparently, she's having the same difficulty as we are at getting her employer to give a rat's ass about resolving our issue because it's 11 a.m. central and this has been going on since early evening yesterday. I don't have patience WHEN IT COMES TO MY NUT. I'm not sure if this person is real, if she's a robot that AT&T made to further exasperate people by promising to help, getting them within an inch of thinking that they were going to be helped and then leaving them hanging, I don't know. I hope she helps.

Hey AT&T! We're a middle-class family and that $220 dollars you take a month? That's way over a week's grocery bill for us. That's over a month's worth of gas. That could cover a couple of our utilities. In an economy which is the way it is, I don't appreciate being forced to grab my ankles by a company that thinks it's OK to bilk middle class families out of money they use for essentials and then refuse to fix the problem. 

If AT&T doesn't fix the problem and refund what they took from us I will lodge a formal complaint and if I have to bring Johnnie Cochran up in here to talk about how in this case, the GLOVE FITS then so be it.

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