A Whole Other Type of Brazilian

So the other day, feeling completely tired and utterly hopeless about my hair, I did something quite dramatic to it. 

See, my hair is a lot longer than it was now when I made that chipper little video about how to finger curl my hair and look! I look just like Shirley Temple! Except that it's only cute to look like Shirley Temple when you're a kid, now when you're an adult women. I began to feel like an adult woman who might as well carry around a Hello Kitty accessory. 

So I had a friend email me and tell me about how she read that Nicole Richie and all these people with infinity more dollars than me get this thing called a Brazilian whatever. I immediately wondered why she was telling me about a bikini wax but she was all "No! For your HEAD!" So I followed her treasure hunt of links and ended up convincing myself that if I were to survive the rest of my life I would need one of these Brazilian things. Badly. I also did some research so I would know what to call it other than a "thing." 

There are several different types of Brazilian hair treatments, some are called Brazilian Blowouts with the trademark and everything, some are called Brazilian Silk, which is what I got, and others are called Brazilian Keratin Treatments, or BKTs for short, not to be confused with the BTK psycho killer. 

A short backstory: From washing to completed styling it takes me two hours to fix my hair. Because it's so thick it's an easy 30-40 minutes of drying time alone, another hour just to smooth it down and style it. It would take a good hour on the days I didn't wash it just to smooth and curl it all over again because my curls would go haywire in the night. Even if I straightened it using a Chi flatiron it was heavy due to my massive amount of hair and the oil I had to use to help smooth and weigh it down. I would get a couple of good days out of it and then after second-day-hair, that was it, start over. I did it rarely because it was such a tedious pain. Also, because of my work now, PJTV, regular appearances on national television, I HAVE to fix my hair every day. I have two kids, they're homeschooled, I work, we're slammed busy and I cannot CANNOT spend that much time on my hair every single day. 

My only other alternative at this point, since it was becoming unmanageable as it always does when I grow it out, was to cut it off again ... or get a Brazilian treatment. 

I did the latter. A woman with whom I work named Karen told me about her friend who does hair, her friend Heather, and how she is one of the few stylists in the area doing any sort of Brazilian treatment. I made an appointment and prayed that it would make my hair fall out or that it would actually work. I washed and wore my hair curly (in a bun) for one last day. 

Here is the before:

Here is me with two-hours worth of styled hair. Ignore Glenn Beck in the photo if he's not your thing. It's the most recent photo I have with me and my egregiously-long-to-style hair.

Me with GB.png
Look what I endure for you, Internet. I put up completely unflattering photos of my hair for you. JUST so another woman with freakishly uncontrollable curly hair that gets curlier and thicker the longer it grows may be spared the long hours I spent styling mine. 

Applying the treatment

Dudes! It was STRAIGHT WHEN WET. For me, that's like watching a stream reverse course. 

It. Was. Straight. Even. While. Wet.



With Heather at Elan, who is awesome. 

With Heather

And here is after:

Many thanks to Heather for staying late to treat my hair. Also thanks to two of my favorite girls, Heidi and Marjorie, for hanging out with me the three hours it took to get it done. It was fun!

ALSO - This is the video I did last year for Momversation showing you how I fixed my curly hair. It has grown a lot since then and the only way I could continue that regimen with my hair was to keep it that length, something I didn't want to do; I wanted it longer.

*UPDATED to add: I will update and let you know how it wears after a few washings. I purchased the special shampoo and conditioner needed to increase its longevity as well. 

**MORE UPDATE: I can STILL wear it curly. It takes curl just as it always did, but it's waaay more manageable now and won't poof out like a dandelion just because it's humid. 


- The treatment is to last 10-12 weeks.
- I have to learn how to dry straight hair.
- I purchased the Brazilian products to go along with it and omg folks, the conditioner is amazing. 

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