Since the beginning of summer I've had an intern, Kramer-style, with me for three days a week. A tight schedule of daily radio, television commentary, not to mention the daily family routine which includes home education has made it to where I have to have some help for a certain amount of hours per week. It's also a great way for someone who wants to study the weird amalgam of broadcasting-plus-social media in which I've seemed to envelope myself these last two years to learn firsthand. 

Julia's summer internship is winding down and she returns to the east coast at the end of the month. To say that I'm beyond bummed is an understatement; it's like when you lose a pet and you don't want to get a new puppy because OMG THE PAIN - and I'm not comparing her to a pet but you get the idea. I'll be starting over again with a new intern this fall, right after I got so used to Julia being around. Just this morning she texted: At Starbucks. Venti or grande this morning?

And then I began the adoption proceedings. 

Everyone at the station has taken to her and she's become our collective kid sister; Church, my news guy, my producer Kevin, and myself have been helping her refine her iTunes library and every day Church has a new artist whose music she must download so she can go back to college and be all pretentious and snotty about music. 

The boys are used to her being around and Liam asked when we were going to put a silhouette of her on the wall, right by his and Ewan's silhouettes. I didn't explain to him that mama would have had to be nine-years-old for that to be possible. OMG. Just typing that made me feel absolutely decrepit. 

I'm going to miss her when she goes back to school; this has been the craziest summer of my life and she's been a tremendous help while I try to balance several plates and finish a massive project, helping with prep while I'm stuck at different airports or rushing here and there. By the time she's finished with school she'll be a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to seeing the transformation. 

And now my ovaries hurt.

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