Hair Round Deux

I'm turning into some sort of hair blogger.

Picture 22.png(In front of my green screen for PJTV in my office/studio this morning.)

Last night I went back to my genius stylist, Heather at Elan Salon, to get my second Brazilian treatment. A lot of you asked how well my hair held up in the waning weeks of the first treatment; honestly it did pretty well. Towards the end of the first cycle I did have to work a bit more with the hair dryer and use my flat iron some but even then it took me only about a half hour in total as opposed to a two whole whopping hours like before. Also, I could still dry my hair without a diffuser and it wouldn't hiss at me and reach to the ceiling. It was still soft and easy to manage and I could let it air dry without it going totally bonkers.

Last night the process took a shorter amount of time to complete, honestly, I wasn't watching the clock because we were too busy talking about the Vanity Fair magazine I was reading and how happy we were that my sartorial idol, Helena Bonham Carter, was on their best-dressed list.

Heather applied a gloss, very subtle color, and the keratin to my hair in total. I haven't colored my hair in ten years and back then when I did I dyed my hair black. She used a subtle chocolate brown to hide the brassiness and redness that tends to show in my ends, those well-worn parts of our hair. I have Irish in my family and red hair in my family and I am a cool tone type of girl, meaning that when I dyed my hair red when I was 19 it looked like I had a head wound oh, and AWFUL.

I had Heather cut my bangs a little shorter than last time only because my hair loooooves the very healthy keratin (think of it as extreme conditioning) and thus I swear it grew faster than normal.

Very happy with the results; I'll be doing this treatment for as long as they exist - I'd do it based on the amount of time it saves me every day alone, not to mention how much better my hair does and looks with it now. I should also note that when I was in the makeup chair at Wendy Williams the stylist went nuts over it, loved it (I love her stylist, FYI. I wanted to pack him up in my luggage and have him do my makeup FOR EVER) - a stark contrast to the HOUR I spent in his chair previously before I had the treatment. Good times. 

Here are photos and video from the first time around:

A Whole Other Type of Brazilian

Hair Update

Side note: I've been traveling a lot lately and will be doing some more before we hit mid-fall, for speaking things and a premiere of a documentary film in which I'm featured. More on that later.

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