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I'm in more of a mood to pervert photos in Photoshop than to write today. Yesterday was one of those days, one of those days I hadn't met in awhile, one of those days where the boys where at each other's throats, the house was a mess, I felt under-appreciated, mad, cranky, and otherwise hateful. Some people were grating my very soul from my skin and I wanted nothing more than to climb into the middle of my bed, pull the covers over my head, and close my eyes.

Usually when I have days like that I take to this website and compile a giant list of things to fling in my fantasy trebuchet. I'm still going to do that (I have a list saved for a special time) but for right now I want to be positive. Humor or observances of the daily beauty in life are wonderful remedies. As of such, whenever I feel the lake of fire lapping against my innards, I'm going to force myself to get a new perspective. Literally. With a camera. Today will be the first installment of a new photo series, A Day in the Life, which will do just that.

I started taking photos when I woke up; not as a distraction, but during our little routines, when I saw a moment and wished I could stretch its existence a little further, I'd snap a photo. I'll be updating periodically throughout the day.

Here's the set. Click to enlarge and for captions. Feel free to join in, join the newly created A Day in the Life Flickr group and post your own moments.

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