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The public breastfeeding debate


This week's column concerns the hoopla surrounding Baby Talk Magazine's August cover. It features a topless woman! Here is the article I referenced in my piece. I am not a lactivist because I am not trying to change the already inherent right a woman has to breastfeed anywhere she darn well chooses; I think the bigger battle lies with trying to stop America from sexualizing how a child eats. Doesn't this country do that with enough already? My word, they made Barbie a ho!

I strongly encourage new visitors to read the comment/letters policy before commenting as I will eliminate any trolls for this topic (obviously not all of the new visitors are trolls, that sounded awful, just a high number seem to be drivebys), though judging from the morning mail it looks like that won't happen.

*ADDENDUM: I cross-referenced the topic over at ClubMom - "Breasts are only gross when they're NOT being used for sex. This exact thinking is the reason why the redneck is indigenous only to North America" - but in a different vein: breastfeeding during church. I wasn't kidding when I said that I nursed my kids EVERYWHERE.

**UPDATE: I will post a rewrite of this column within this post shortly.

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