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Making It Official

Apologies for the tumbleweeds this past year, but you've likely figured it out. It's official: I will no longer be updating this website. It will remain here for an indefinite period, but because my boys are getting older I'm uncomfortable with documenting their lives as I used to and wish to give them a bit more privacy as they grow into their own. If they ever put me into a nursing home, I don't want it to be a bad one because I wrote about their first date online. 
Also, what I do for a living now takes up all the extra time that parenting my children does not. 

It's been a blast and I'm grateful for the many friendships I've made through this website and opportunities it has afforded me. I'm so appreciative of all the support you have given me over the years. I love you all very much. 

Meanwhile, you can now (still) find me at these locations:

Thank you for sharing these experiences with me. 

Happy Father's Day


... to all the dads out there. You play such an important role in the family unit, one that is often made a joke and sadly, way under-appreciated in today's society. 

A special Happy Father's Day to Chris, for being such a rock these past couple of years as the world turned ... and spun fast enough to make my head spin. Thank you.

Prayers Needed

Picture 14.pngJennifer Guffey photo

My cousin Jennifer has a 10-month-old baby boy named Jax who suffers from a rare liver disease called biliary atresia. Before he was eating solids they were told that he may require a liver transplant. 

The past 10 months Jennifer has been campaigning relentlessly to raise awareness for a disease which has no known cause and no cure. She was on my show last week to discuss what the disease is and how many are affected. She's also been raising money to help offset Jax's mounting medical bills. In fact, they've an upcoming art show: if you're an artist who would like to donate for a good cause, you can do so here.

Late last night while I was in my Nyquil haze (cold and strep throat. Again) Jennifer and her husband Ryan got the call. There is a liver for Jax. 

His transplant surgery is scheduled for 1pm central today. 

Please say a prayer for him, that his surgery goes well, that his little body accepts his new liver, that the doctors are well-guided; also say a prayer to comfort the grieving family of whom we know not, whose loss has given new life to Jax. 

Thank you  :)

The Mondays


Getting out of bed is my least favorite thing to do.

(Excluding invoicing.)

I'm not a morning person. Mornings are rude, they interrupt time I'd rather spend not participating in reality. Tiny feet sound like drumbeats as they run across the hardwood floor towards the edge of my bed.

"It's good morning tiiiiime" whispers a little voice. Most of the house likes the morning whereas mornings are my first struggle of the day.

Breakfast. Homework. Email. Writing. Forgot to put a towel underneath the easel as they paint. Regret. Lessons. Lunch. Writing. Prep. More email. Hugs from little arms. Alive. Homework. Failed "sea monster" experiment. None of them hatched. Try again. Prep. Dinner. Kisses. Show. Stomp the snow off my boots. Check on sleeping boys. Collapse in chair. Watch "Fringe" with Chris. Email. Writing. Scrub my Invisalign trays. Bed.

And then some days, lately: breakfast. Rush to airport. Shuttle. Sky Mall! Hotel. Exhale, good wifi. Speak. Socialize. Writing. Interviews. Lights and microphone in my face. Alive. Shuttle. Security. Flying over a patchwork quilt of places I haven't been and people I haven't met. Home. Boys. Alive.

I have photos from Nashville that I need to post but have been so slow because of travel, work, and a big project underway and big news that I can share on the 22nd. I leave to speak at CPAC in D.C. later this week (sad to miss Houston and the lovely ladies there).

Glad the snow has barricaded us all together inside.

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