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Merry Christmas


The house is quiet. 

"The Nativity Story" is playing out on the television. Chris sleeps nearby.

The boys' tree

I feel like I dash into many of my weekends short of breath, just making it across the finish line in time. 

The boys' Blessing Chain

Tonight I feel blessed and content, as content as can be on this imperfect earth. 

Even though it's been a wonderful year, a rough year, an exciting year, a painstaking year, I'll take it all, happy to have it, grateful to have it with the people in my life. 

Snowflake ornament on the boys' tree

I remember the reason for this season: the plight of a young new mother as she brought our Savior into this world and the pain that came with having to say goodbye to that Son; God giving His only Son so that we may live. 

I am grateful for this year, however it has come, and equally thankful for the next. 

Merry Christmas, from Trouble

Have a wonderful, merry, blessed Christmas. Remember why we celebrate: love. 

Christmas Down South

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