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I sang some Tom Jones

On Friday night we went to a little neighborhood bar for some karaoke. I did not karaoke until I married into Chris's family, people who pull a trailer filled with professional karaoke gear across two states for a family reunion and will make you sing regardless whether or not you want to or have the ability. I sing, but mainly in church or after a glass of adult nectar when suddenly, standing up in front of people and a husband who produces music for a living (and is also pitch-perfect) doesn't seem like a complete nightmare.


It was an enjoyable evening despite the bartender not having any pants. And here I thought I'd seen everything. Afterwards we went to play shuffleboard at a different establishment and later saw some dude roughhousing his girlfriend and drama ensued.

I wasn't going to say anything about this until a guy (who sat nearby with friends and surveyed the scene) told us afterwards that hey, we didn't know the circumstances, who knows, maybe the woman did something to provoke the guy, and it was all I could do to stop myself from saying "maybe this is why you are middle aged, still single, and still scoping out chicks in bars. Just sayin." But he apparently took a hit while helping the girl and it was nice that he assisted her, so I can't be too harsh on him.

There is no excuse for a man to EVER physically handle a woman in such a way, unless perhaps when acting in defense of his life or if recreating an epic scene between Ike and Tina from "What's Love Got to Do with It." This whole BS notion that female abuse is no one's business, especially if it happens in public, is the exact reason why for so many years no one helped my mother.

It amuses me that anyone, especially a man, would use the whole "maybe the woman provoked him" line because it presupposes that the man is a giant blockhead who is not yet evolved enough to control his emotions or body. Whereas sexism usually condemns a man, in this case, it's used to exonerate him. Of course, it's sexist against the woman, too, being that it underscores the "nag" stereotype. A universally sexist defense! I feel like I'm one step closer to having seen everything.

So! There was that.

Tomorrow I'll share how Wehrenberg Theaters made my kids cry.

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