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Cozy little dinner party topics

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My latest episode with Momversation comes right on the heels of the circumcision debate - both of our boys are circumcised and as I've said, and I'm quoting myself, we do not regret our decision or reasons for doing so; nor do I think our decision is open to debate anymore than that of not circumcising. I have too much respect for the arduous journey others take in approaching this decision to go criticizing them for it - much less assume that it was a choice fueled by ignorance.

We're all trying to do the best for our children and I don't think that it's prudent for anyone to assume that they've acquired a level of intimacy with someone that would justify telling them how to care for their child.

Extend that to homeschooling, which is what this video is about. I recount what will be a familiar experience to some of you as I wrote about it earlier - the lady in the store who got all up in my bidness about why my kids weren't in school on a weekday. There is a lot edited out to fit within the time frame for these episodes (especially with me on this subject; my first video was around eight minutes) and iIt's pretty impossible to cover all the bases of such a complex issue ( I talked about expense, some requirements, etc.) but I thought we all did well. I was more interested in hearing what the other ladies' responses would be as I've addressed the topic repeatedly here. The only thing to which I would take a slight exception is this: "On the other hand, homeschooled students can miss out on social and academic opportunities." I completely disagree and discussed why here. (Giyen's class picture totally nails it, too, doesn't it?)


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Tomorrow morning the Quaker people (the company) are coming to my house as they are sponsoring an inaugural viewing party which I am hosting. Every time I say this people are all "WTF? You?" And I'm all "Oh, you think that because I'm of a different political persuasion it means I am incapable of showing the kind of support you showed our last president when he took office."


Fifteen bloggers across the country were asked to host viewing parties and I've invited a few close like-minded friends to watch the festivities, wave farewell to Bush and remember his eight years of service, and usher in a new era. I try not to light this place up with the same level of political discourse that I am paid to do elsewhere, but I do want to take a moment to say that political differences should not be dividing issues amongst people and I always feel badly for those who are unable to connect with others on a deeper level and thus shun anyone who doesn't agree with them lockstep. There is so much to life and to people in general; we all have the same goals just different means. That's diversity. Please remember that this week.

Liam knows what's going on tomorrow and in the past couple of weeks he's grown ridiculously interested in presidential history. One evening I let him watch a documentary on George Washington, who Liam thought was cool because of his blue coat, and he's been all about GW ever since, reading several YA books about him, including a new one he started late yesterday afternoon. He'd asked me why people were talking about Lincoln and I couldn't get him away from reading about Washington and the revolutionaries long enough to properly answer.

**I'll be on NBC affiliate KSDK Channel 5 at 5 and 6:30 p.m. tonight; a reporter, Ryan Dean, came to the party and filmed and interviewed a few of us. (Good on KSDK and Dean for a balanced report.)

*** I've uploaded photos to Flickr. I love this photo of Kristie holding baby Natalie. All she's missing is a cape:
Chris, Kelli, baby Natalie, Kristie watching history

****Michelle and Kelli both posted about the day.

The Homeschool Diary

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Secondhand book

I've created a new addition to this website and if you look at the page links over in the far right sidebar you'll see it. I frequently receive questions about homeschooling and I'm always happy to share information about curriculum, etc. so I decided to create a microblog, so to speak, of links to resources, photos, and other small things related to homeschooling. I plan to update it daily, save for weekends and holidays, and will be chronicling a lot of our everyday homeschooling experiences on it.

The book in the photo above was purchased at a secondhand store, a regular activity that may be adversely affected considering recent legislation. FUN! Apparently Herr Uncle Sam doesn't care if YOU or I eat lead. Just the kids. I feel so unloved. More on this later.  

Odds and ends

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1. I've loved reading your comments on public smoking bans below. I was a little sketchy about hitting "publish" on that one because I know many smokers are quite vigilant about their smoking. I do hope people realize it's not about taking anyone's rights away, but rather ensuring the right for others to not smoke via secondhand fumes.

2. My latest homeschooling column is up now over at Imperfect Parent, wherein I answer the most oft-asked question: "What about their socialization?" Definitive reading on the subject.

3. I cannot stop playing this song. I love everything about it; it shares this murky aesthetic with Jesca Hoop which I find very appealing:

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