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Lesson in the dirt

Ewan is at the age where I can still trick him into thinking that helping me with chores around the house is an awesome, big kid thing. He's eager to help, to prove himself. Liam, meanwhile, has reached the age where my elementary parlor tricks no longer work on him.

The other day I combined yard work with a science lesson - plus the bonus of the boys preparing the seeds for some inpatients and pansies that their grandmother had given them.

Cracking the top

While Ewan chipped away at the ceramic eggs in order to get to the seed mixture, Liam wisely eyed the ten bags of mulch I had lined up beside the garden beds.

"I'm tired of helping."

Whereas Liam looked at weeding and mulching as work, Ewan saw an opportunity to terrorize ants and push around dirt.

Watering with a fast food cup. FTW.

They also learned about soil, photosynthesis, and we made Ewan say "photosynthesis" a few million times because it sounded adorable.

I love their gardening gloves

They later dug their gloves into the dirt and we studied an ant colony. Which was gross, but they enjoyed it.

Ewan's "mean smile"

Fleurs in eggs

Now that the seeds are planted, let's see what germinates. Much like education.

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