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My latest for Momversation wherein we discuss homework and how it's loaded onto kids these days. As I said in the video, it's actually an issue which pushed us to home-educate: I think that each child has a distinct way of learning and the way in which our educational system is structured doesn't accommodate this, thus, some students suffer. Learning should be fun, NOT a chore and I don't ever want my kids curiosity to end with the bell. 

Liam has homework, but as he suffers with repetition on things which he's mastered, his "homework" is more independent study and projects which require him to apply and showcase his skills. For instance: when we go to the store, his job is to find every product on my list and determine the product with the lowest price per ounce. When that is identified, if it's a food product, we study the ingredients and figure out which is the healthiest as the cheapest isn't always the best bet and neither is the most expensive. It forces him to apply a number of skills: math, reading, and science because he has to remember how things such as sugar and starch affect the body and to what food group they belong. Watching the grocery list and the budget is something that has helped his math skills more than any worksheet ever has. I wish schools could do more of this, daily.

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