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You get a list today! Thank me later.

Things I've done in the past 24 hours:

- Began typing this list one handed last night because I had a glass of wine in the other.
- Purchased sand paper (I know, ??) to begin a project this weekend, a project which has occupied Chris's parking space in the garage for three months. This will be interesting as I am not a woodworker craft person and will most likely sand my hand off.
- Was called a dirty word by my mother because I totally made fun of her for saying OCDC instead of OCD. She babysat the boys while I worked. She sounds exactly like Squidward when she laughs.
- Met my deadline for the paper.
- Tried reasoning with Liam, who is boycotting the act of pooping, to go potty. REASONING WITH KIDS IS STUPID. AND SUCKS.
- Wrote on my calendar "Yep. Still a witch" to track my PMS symptoms for my OB.
- Listened to Beastie Boys' "Pass the Mic" and the entire Elastica self-titled. Also listened to Penelope's "Miss Me with That Foolishness" today. I am cool because I know Penelope. And she knows Mya. Who knows Pink. I am two degrees from Pink. And one degree from Quentin. DUDE.
- Finally finished a book a reader sent to me called The Secret of Castle Cant. I've only had the book for fourteen million years. More on this later.
- Realized that having a St. Louis Bread Company/Panera so close to my house is dangerous.
- Totally freaked out in a good way over something unimaginably cool which I cannot go into yet because I promised and nothing is final, so vague! Cryptic! AM WITCH, SORRY. Will share when able.
- Regretted my decision to add THAT much flaxseed to yesterday morning's blueberry pancakes.

After picking on Liam all day, Ewan's fortunes turned.

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