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To make up for the Star Wars crawl link that LucasFilm pulled (resulting in me having to pull today's post), here are two things I'm indecently into right now:

- This woman's photos. I am drawn first to a photographer's perspective, the rest depends on how they accentuate that perspective. Kathy perfectly balances beauty and unsettling emotion (in which there is beauty, really) and creates an aesthetic which I love. I've seen other photographers attempt it but it usually looks contrived or hackneyed. Her stuff is effortless and I hate her for it, hate her hate her but also love her because this photo and this photo, oh, and this photo (and this one, too). Also, I love she who loves Polaroid. She's definitely a muse.

- New Tune of the Week ran by this goober. It's a cool music site and I need to stop buying mp3s of his recommendations.

Go forth and love.

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