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Five things

Life with kids

1. Do you see the Star Wars' Legos in the photo? There are Legos all over my house in the oddest places. As I stumbled into the bathroom early this morning I almost screamed and passed out after stepping on a little Hans Solo who was pointing his gun at my toilet.

2. My throat is sore. I've made it this far into spring without an allergy-induced respiratory illness of some kind, please let me make it to summer, pleaseohplease.

3. I was having trouble with my sinuses last night and sprawled out on the sofa and Chris made me hot chocolate. With marshmallows. That man.

4. Trying to teach an eight-year-old about the digestive system has made me feel sorry for all the times I laughed in biology when we talked about procreation.

5. There is clean laundry piled on top of my dryer, dust bunnies colonizing in the corners of my house, I'm exhausted, but it will be 80-degrees on Friday and the sunshine cannot come fast enough.

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