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Happy Father's Day


... to all the dads out there. You play such an important role in the family unit, one that is often made a joke and sadly, way under-appreciated in today's society. 

A special Happy Father's Day to Chris, for being such a rock these past couple of years as the world turned ... and spun fast enough to make my head spin. Thank you.

Is Valentine's Day Important to You?

I hate the goobery Valentine's merch, the cheap white teddy bears, the wilted carnations in buckets of water at the gas station. I'm happy that the spirit of Valentine's Day is practiced at Team Loesch HQ year-round but because I am a shameless romantic, yes, I like flowers on Valentine's Day and the extra push to make sure that the day is a little more special than the others. Sad that for some, it's the only day they get.

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October 28, 2000

... years ago today I walked down the aisle on the arm of my stepfather and prayed that I wouldn't trip on my train. He gripped my arm because he's terrified of being the center of attention anywhere, especially family. 

I didn't look at the faces of all our family and friends, 200 of them, who came to witness the marriage of a young man whom they thought would never marry and a fresh-from-teenhood girl whom they also thought would never marry. 

No one is good enough, the girl and boy had thought. Until they met each other. 

I didn't look at my grandmother who sat in stony silence after my mother sternly told her to behave herself, meaning no faux-fainting spells, wailing, sobbing, and other drama indigenous to my family, drama which manifests at such functions, usually to my amusement. 

I didn't look at my bridesmaids. Or my mother. 

It's funny how we spent so much time picking out flowers and decorations and the like because I didn't even see them while walking down the aisle. I'd forgotten about the colors we so carefully chose for the day, my dress, the food. I'd forgotten about the photographer waiting at the end of the aisle; the sound her shutter made was the only indication I had that time was actually passing. 

It was all so surreal. A flashback to when I was a little girl and thought about what my wedding day would be like; a hazy memory of first crushes, whoosh to when Chris and I first noticed each other from across the room through a sea of people, and finally God brought me to this moment. 

I can't tell you anything about my wedding. Were it not for the video and the guestbook, I wouldn't know who was there. All I saw at that moment was the young man waiting for me at the end of the aisle. And he was crying tears of happiness. 

Everyone has a pro and cons list they keep about themselves, locked away in a corner of their mind. He knows my cons (and I his) and loves me  - oddly, I think he loves me more because of them. 

The other day we argued over something which I'll forget about in a few weeks. We laid in bed, covered in darkness. He took a breath and said: "You know what I love most about you?"

I immediately thought of something physical. 

"You're stubbornness," he answered. "I love how fiercely you stand by things."

And then he kissed my forehead and went to sleep. 

I tried to think what I loved most about him. I went to sleep trying to narrow the list down, such was the length. 

Love. (I'm wearing a wig for Mardi Gras.)

Reason 2,972 why I married him

During Mother's Day weekend I had a wonderful reprieve from wrestling Chris over the remote because he insists on watching shows about fixing cars and ultimate warriors and other things which are only made relevant in apocalyptic times. He let me watch the super important shows like "Gilmore Girls" reruns and the seventh airing of the last remake of "Pride and Prejudice," alternately titled "the One with the Mr. Darcy That Isn't As Good As Colin Firth." I watched what I wanted and he didn't once complain about how his brain was liquefying from the content or anything.

Because Sunday night marked the end of Mother's Day weekend, after I finished prep last night I was subjected to some show about the SSC Ultimate Aero, a ridiculously expensive pimp car of which few is made, thus the price. (I myself am partial to cars with the old heavy, 70s-era doors that creak like death when you close them or black Mercedes) Chris, who once rebuilt a Barracuda as a teenager and later sold it to a museum, his one big regret in life, was enthralled with the program, though not necessarily with the show's host. Chris kept debating the host's analogies and criticizing what he felt was a limited knowledge of automobiles.

At one point, the host described the Ultimate Aero as the "Buzz Lightyear of its time," to which Chris angrily sputtered: "OMG. Can you believe this guy? Buzz Lightyear is a SPACE RANGER. And not even a real one. And? His fictional contemporaries had equal, if not better abilities and also Buzz Lightyear NEVER had anything comparable a top speed of 273 mph, nor could he go from zero to 60 in three seconds. Yeah, real great analogy there, Francess."
Mah man

I make fun, but really, I think it's hot.

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