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A thank you

The internet can be a very nasty place sometimes, despite all the talk about community. I've learned firsthand, if you've at all read how I've had to defend my intellectual property. Not long ago I had a reader email me a link to another woman's site, a woman who was using that which caused confusion with my trademark and thus established an infringement. I was cool and sent her an email asking if we could resolve it amicably. The week I emailed her had been a particularly rough one with family illness and stress and I knew my representation (and the USPTO) would demand that I maintain my proprietary interest and really, it's tiring sometimes.

So I emailed her. Based on a past experience, I expected nothing but cruel treatment. I waited. She emailed back. She was cool; she was more than cool: she understood my situation and removed the infringement and seriously, I wanted to fly wherever she was and hug her for being so classy about it. Anyway, I like returning good gestures. Actually, I was looking at her website and saw that she's selling handmade cloth diapers, cute cloth diapers, so cute that I would seriously consider getting pregnant again just to have a reason to buy some. She has different designs with cute Velcro enclosures. She's a mama trying to provide for her family, too. Please do me a favor and skip over to her corner of the Web and holler something nice, or, if you or someone you know uses cloth diapers you can snag a few of her adorable creations.

You have my gratitude for it.

How I strained my hamstring

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Yesterday on Twitter I lied and said that I have some amazing news that I could share today. I have amazing news that has completely made my year, but I can't share it until next week. I'm sorry, that makes me one of "those people" doesn't it? Just know that it involves me receiving a phone call in the Target parking lot while wrestling with the most obscene-sized package of toilet paper known to man, dropping said package, and straining a hamstring when I did a leg kick while on the phone with a reporter.

(Liam and Ewan, I am so sorry that you have Gilda Radnor as a mother but when you get older you'll actually think that's sort of cool I hope, because I loved her. Though after I did my leg kick Liam said "Wow. That looked like that hurt." SEVEN. He's SEVEN.)

I'm in such a good mood today and earlier Chris brought me a Starbucks grande mocha latte and I'm now too distracted to write a coherent thought at the moment. So, three things:

1) I'm joining the stable of fine, funny ladies over at Mamapop on a permanent basis. Some persons enjoy the latest copy of People in the bathroom; I enjoy gossip sites during lunch. I am not ashamed. Please be sure to check it out.

2) Here are some photos from the Epilepsy Foundation's Bowl-a-RAM-a, a fundraiser with the St. Louis Rams spearheaded by our friend Jeremiah (click "Bowlarama June 3rd. Stupid Flash). There's a shot in there of myself with friends and of Chris with my cousin, Andi, the girl who lived with us one summer while she recorded an album. She looks just like me except younger, with better hair, and perkier. I hate her. 

3) If anyone has practical advice on starting a family and family finances, consider shooting some of that over to my friend Rebecca. She's stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Happy weekending.


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