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Another Year

Today I'm celebrating yet another birthday and steeling myself to try haggis for the first time this afternoon. The Scottish Festival folks are coming to the station with their bagpipes and haggis. 

I slept in (as much as one can on a weekday filled with lessons and prep).

Bacon was on the breakfast menu.

I'm blessed by the amount of birthday well wishes.

Travel is on the horizon this week. 

Why even Dracula will be there

It's not Halloween until we hear this song. The Shaggs "It's Halloween":

I put decorations up early.


Dried flowers from my cutting garden


I haven't broken out the fog machine, or the spiderwebs, yet. Those are Chris and Liam's departments, respectively. 

Listening to

Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis, as seen on Jimmy Fallon. The meadow settings look just like the fields I used to run through with my cousins as a kid. 

Saturday Soundtrack

Depeche Mode "Dream On"

Bruno Coulais "Exploration," from "Coraline." (Fabulous soundtrack)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Love Burns"

The Black Ghosts "Full Moon"

Sigur Rós ''Starálfur''

Jesca Hoop "Money"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion"

Catherine Wheel "Sparks are Gonna Fly" (embedding disabled. BOOOO.)

Muse "Hysteria" - one of my favorite bands, if not the favorite

Alice Cooper "Elected" Marilyn Manson is the poor man's Cooper

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