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A sample from my afternoon soundtrack


Slightly an oldie but a goodie from one of my favorite bands on earth.

Moving mountains chez Loesch. Fall is coming. I can taste a subtle coolness in the air. Counting down the days until it's leather boots time.

Have a happy weekend.

P.S. If you haven't (and thank you if you have), please take a moment to vote for my SXSW panel on intellectual property. I hope that it makes it past the preliminaries so that we can have a truly-needed discussion on the topic. Danke.


Listening to

Kenna "Say Goodbye to Love."

I'm rushing to finish show prep and get all my audio in to my engineers; I just kissed both boys on the cheek and sent them with Nana and Pa-Pa for the weekend while I do my bridesmaid duties for my friend Melody.

I'm so happy about Lisa's latest update I could kiss the sky. It certainly does put silly drama in the proper perspective, yes?

Happy weekending.

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